Space Frame
G.P Space Frame is a 3 dimensional structure that consists of 3 (three) main elements: Ball joint/Node, pipe, and Connector that connect them together. The Ball joint is the most important element as it is the center of several pipes carrying different forces. The Excellent Feature of space frame system seen in its rigidity, lightness, quick erection time, flexibility in design, and ability factory finished to any color. Space Frame can be designed to any architectural shape, extraordinary cantilever length, and long span (up to 100 m span) capability. P.T. G.P Indusma Bottle connector system [patent pending] was developed after many years of in-depth study into other existing systems and have combine the advantages and aesthetic beauty of these systems. Please Feel Free to contact us !!! Send your design and drawings, we will try to assist you to complete your projects with our experiences over the last 5 years of over 300 projects in more than 5 countries.
Gulf Panel Industries Space Frame Systems are available in any configuration using our system in conjunction with conventional support framing if required, including columns, beams, trusses and related components. G.P Industries also offers architecturally exposed Tubular Framing with exotic, shop applied coatings for unusual project configurations. We also offer decorative Architectural Metal products, and virtually unlimited roof deck, skylight, fabric, glass and glazing options. Architects and Engineers choose G.P Industries Framing Systems for their modular construction and their ability to provide column-free space, spectacular appearances and aesthetic qualities while offering flexibility and adaptability. These Framing Systems will readily interface with other materials whether new or renovation projects.