Product Description

Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) is a high-performance product. Consisting of two sheets of 020" (.50mm) aluminum permanently bonded to each side of an extruded POLYETHYLENE compound core material a simple concept resulting in an extraordinarily flat and highly formable with an excellent strength-to-weight ratio.

Two different core materials are available to suit a variety of applications: A polyethylene (PE) core, or a fire-resistant (FR) core material. A selection of different finishes is available to color ACP material. We can provide expert advice on the best finish system for your application.

The versatility of ACP offers many distinct advantages to the designer, fabricator and installer: Extreme architectural flatness for creating smooth, monolithic surface; virtual elimination of oil-canning; exceptional load bearing capacity, and flexural strength. Strong, smooth, flat, lightweight and beautiful all inherent characteristics of a product that is wasy to fabricate and install.

ACP is well suited for both exterior and interior architectural applications, as well as for industrial and specialty product designs. Consider ACP for exterior cladding, clean rooms, signage, corporate identity, column covers, interior partitions, canopies, equipment enclosures, kiosks, exhibits and displays. The creative possibilities of this material have only begun to be explored.

Protective Film ( Made in Germany ) 12 months UV Resistance
PVDF Coating
Primer Layer
Aluminum Sheet ( 0.5 )
PE Polymere Bonding Film
Polyethlene Core ( Normal LDPE )
PE Polymere Bonding Film
Aluminum Sheet with PET Coating