A.C.P Physical Capacities
Project Technology requirements
Outside Inner wall
Coating thickness,µm
Gloss deviation
=25 =16
Gloss=70. Max permissible deviation=10
Gloss=70. Max permissible deviation=70
Pencil hardness = HB
Coating Flexibility =2 =3
Adhesion. Grade =Grade
Impact resistance 50 kg-cm No peel-off, no crack
Abrasion Resistance, L/ µm =5 -
Hot water resistance No change
Chemical Stability And Resistance Satin resistance =5 -
Acid resistance No change
Alkali resistance
Oil resistance
Solvent resistance
Brush resistance
No change
No change
No change
=10 000 times of no change
Aging and weather resistance Color deviation =3.0 -
Gloss retention grad Other aging performance =Grade 2
=Grade 0
Salt frog resistance =Grade 2 -
Area density, Kg / m² Required value±0.5
Bending strength, Mpa =100 =60
Bending elastic module, Mpa =2.0x10 =1.5x10
Trough resistance =9.0 =5.0
Shear strength
180 peeling strength, N/ m m
Temperature resistance =4.00x10
Coeffient of thermal expansion No change
Heat deflection temperature =105 =95